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*Note: idTarget employs OpenBabel to convert the input ligand file of various formats to the pdb format. It has been found that OpenBabel has difficulty to handle the CIF file from Ligand Expo. However, the CIF file from Crystallography Open Database can be properly handled.
p.s.1: In order to make idTarget to serve as many users as possible, there is a pending policy for multiple jobs from single user. If a user submit more than one task to idTarget server, only the first task will be scheduled to the idTarget PBS system and all other tasks will be hold pending. The pending task may have chance to get into the idTarget PBS system after the running task is finished. However, the server can not guaranty when or which pending task get into the PBS system next.
p.s.2: Due to limited disk space, any task result older than 5 days will be removed from the server.
p.s.3: Please be aware that the submitted task can be lost, failed, or terminated due to media failures, system bugs, hardware failures, routine maintains or unexpected power outage.